Hiandra Martinez Vogue Russia May 2020


Some of our favorite fashion glossies are helping take our minds off the current pandemic. Magazines like British Vogue and Vogue Paris opted to publish pre-pandemic material. Now Vogue Russia is delivering some relief, too. The publication created three utterly stunning May 2020 covers featuring Hiandra Martinez. Captured by Txema Yeste, the current face of Michael Kors is surrounded by nature for the three covers wearing looks from Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana along with Bottega Veneta and Bulgari accessories.


Our forum members absolutely approved. “OMG, these are stuuuuuuuunning. That shot in the water is beyond sublime. Hiandra is such an underrated star, glad to see her getting her break,” applauded Riseup.

“Wow stunning covers, so happy for Hiandra. So well deserved…” fer19dog chimed in.

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Vogue Russia, you’re doing amazing sweetie,” approved aracic.

Forum member bluestar is definitely a fan: “All three covers are stunning! I especially love the first and third covers. Great job Vogue Russia!”

“I’m always impressed by Txema’s work, I love him. This is a great set of covers!” voiced Valentine27.

“I love Txema’s work. Stunning covers,” agreed avonlea002.

Vogue Russia May 2020 : Hiandra Martinez by Txema Yeste

GERGIN described Hiandra’s accompanying cover feature as “breathtaking.” See if you agree and join the conversation here.


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